Level Two Workshop

Experience the energy, love and wisdom of some of the more unusual Archangels such as Archangel Aurariel as depicted here. As you bathe in her divine turquoise and golden rays your vibrations will raise and your conciousness will expand. Archangel Aurariel is one of the Archangels of Enlightenment that you will meet on your journey through the 144 lessons.
Other life-changing lessons you will connect with include the Lesson of Past and the Lesson of Future which are part of the Karmic Law of Remembering.

Fee £99

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Accommodation   There is a fantastic selection of accommodation in The Cotswolds including small family run guest houses.
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"I felt completely at peace with Haniel and Lariel as my anxieties and tensions melted away in their beautiful pink and green rays"
"I was thrilled - I found the whole thing was wonderful, happy and enlightening".