Level Three Workshop

Experience the energy, love and wisdom of some of the more unusual Archangels such as Archangel Azrayel as depicted here.
Archangel Azrayel connects us with the Lesson of Innocence which is one of the 16 lessons in Karmic Law of Purity as overseen by Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Azrayel exudes love, compassion, purity, trust and innocence and helps us to heal our inner child.

Other important lessons you will learn on Level 3 include the Lesson of Emotional Detachment and the Lesson of Tolerance.

Fee £99

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Accommodation   There is a fantastic selection of accommodation in The Cotswolds including small family run guest houses.
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"The pure warmth and fiery energy of Admael made me feel protected and cleared the way for further work on myself"
"I was thrilled - I found the whole thing was wonderful, happy and enlightening".