NEWSLETTER February 2016


Gabriel Dearest Archangel friends,
I hope that this newsletter finds you all well and happy in 2016 and walking your spiritual pathways. Please take the time, if you haven’t already done so, to look at my Facebook Page Archangel Healing which is proving to be a wonderful and easy way of enabling people, who have an interest in Archangels, to find out about and participate in events taking place here at the Archangel Healing centre. It is a very practical and effective way to set up group meditations too.

Since my last newsletter we have been connecting deeply with the Archangel Gabriel energy working on our own purification, the purification of others and the purification of the planet. My highlight of the Gabriel meditations was the Archangel Gabriel Water Blessing Day in October where people from all over the world joined together at their favourite places of water and asked Archangel Gabriel for his purification and blessing. Water sites in many countries of the world were connected together and I was deeply touched by the more than 200 people who joined in this meditation. I loved all the pictures that you shared on the Archangel Healing page — so inspiring! We have also worked with Archangel Raphael attending to our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and sending out his healing rays to others too. Our Archangel for the Christmas period was Archangel Chamuel who embodies the principle of pure unconditional love. I was very impressed with those of you who joined in the Archangel Chamuel meditation with me on Christmas Day. That really is commitment. So…. If you haven’t already visited the Archangel Healing page please do so.


Wheel of ArchangelsI am delighted to announce that my NEW book the Wheel of Archangels is now available for just £5.99 + postage & packing.
This book is very clear and beautifully illustrated with some lovely, energetic images of the Archangels. It is also very durable since it is made of card and also very practical and easy to carry around as I find it fits comfortably in my handbag.
You never know when you will need some angelic inspiration! It is an invaluable tool for connecting with the love, truth, guidance and support of 12 of the 144 Archangels. You can find the colours of their healing rays, the oil that they resonate with and their purpose and specific lesson.

My book is suitable for all and I feel it can even be used when working with children. The cover depicts Archangel Ioffiel radiating rainbow rays of light helping us to find and cherish the beauty that is within us. The lesson is to RADIATE THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL and share your creative gifts to bring love and beauty to humanity.

"Wheel of Archangels" - Available HERE


After the success of the deeply profound Level 1 workshop in the Netherlands I am very excited and honoured to be returning there in March to teach my first Level 2 workshop there.
I am very much looking forward to seeing my lovely Dutch students again in Utrecht.
Let’s spread the sacred Archangel light all over the world!
Bookings can be made on the Archangel website for this workshop.



The Archangel Light Baths are beginning again this month and our first one of the year is Archangel Chamuel on Saturday 27th February.
This will be followed by seven more Light Baths spread throughout the year. So why not take the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and to work with the Archangel energies.

Enjoy a day of healing, light, sound and rejuvenation.

click for details



BachThe Bach Flower Remedies are a fantastic tool to help us through the stresses and strains of life as we learn the 144 lessons.
There is a Bach Flower Remedy to transform our negative states of mind into positive ones.

I highly recommend them for raising your vibrations.

Click here for details



  If you would like to receive an absent healing or book one for a friend as a gift please click here for details



The sacred gong baths are now taking place once every 2 weeks on a Thursday from 6.30pm until 8pm. (instead of monthly as before) The next one will take place this Thursday 11th February.
A Healing Gong Bath is a therapeutic and relaxing experience during which you are bathed in sound waves which can help to release blocked energies. You simply lie down on a mat with a pillow under your head covered up with a blanket and then close your eyes and relax.
Most people drift into a deep meditative state and at the end of the session feel relaxed and rebalanced.
Maggie Stephens who has played for me for the last 4 years at the Archangel Light Baths as well as with individuals in healing sessions will be playing this sacred healing instrument as well as other instruments.
The cost for the one-and-a-half-hour gong bath will be £10.


Beaumont Natural Health Centre 
Unit 1, Heritage Courtyard , Sadler Street , Wells, BA5 2RR Tel: 01749 671234


   Sat, April 2nd – Sun, April 3rd

I look forward to meeting some new students at this Level 1 workshop here at the centre in Wells.
Places are limited as I work on a deep level with just 6– 9 students. Individual attention is essential to "feel" the connection with each Archangel.
No experience is necessary to attend these workshops.
My aim is to provide a very safe healing environment for the evolution of the soul through the wisdom of the 144 Lessons of the Archangels that we are here to learn. The workshops are a transformational experience. I work from love, truth and purity.

Click here for details



"Archangel Michael made me feel so very safe and secure. In that moment of warmth and familiarity I felt as if I had been walking beside him all my life".
"You filled my heart with joy. Thanks" 


"Jophiel was pure gold, warmth, happiness, sunshine and uplifting of spirit. Magical!""I was thrilled - I found the whole thing was wonderful, happy and enlightening" 


I look forward to seeing some of you soon .
For regular updates of Archangel events such as the group meditations which you can participate in wherever you are in the world please join the Archangel Healing Facebook Page

Love and blessings,





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