Light Baths™/ Workshops

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Existing students are progressing via ZOOM.

Archangel Light Bath™ Healing Days

This will be a divine Light Bath of the rays of the Archangels.

Participants connect with the wonderful lessons and healing, that the Archangels embody.

All are welcome, however, it is advisable to have already attended a Level One workshop to fully benefit from the Light Bath Healing Days

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2-day Archangel Workshops
These 2-day Archangel workshops are unique with very small numbers (usually about 6-8) so that all may benefit from Denise’s personal attention.

All may benefit from her individual healings which are always given several times during each of the workshops.

The workshops have been organised into 20 levels. You may attend as many levels as you wish—simply attending Level 1 will greatly enrich your life!

At each workshop the specific functions of Archangels are discussed and experienced. You will learn about the specific lesson that each Archangel is here to teach us as well as the very specific oil and crystal that each Archangel works with. The lessons are very sacred information.
You can be assured that you will be completely safe on these workshops. Denise does not work with the astral plane—she works from her heart and intuition.

Individual attunements
On the last afternoon students are individually attuned to the Archangel of their choice.

Students who reach level 8 can take Denise’s Diploma in Archangel Therapy.
Attendance at Levels 1-8 would take at least 2 years although students may take as much time as they wish to complete the 8 levels.

Life Path Readings
Students participating on the workshops will be eligible to obtain a personal Life Path Reading .


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"Your Archangel workshop has really enriched my life"
"Nothing prepares you for the wonderful experience that awaits you on the Archangel Workshop. Totally uplifting and life changing! "


"I will never forget the beauty and depth of my experiences".
"I returned home from your Archangel Workshop feeling as if I had just experienced a month's holiday!"


"You filled my heart with joy. Thanks"
"Archangel Michael made me feel so very safe and secure. In that moment of warmth and familiarity I felt as if I had been walking beside him all my life".


"I was thrilled - I found the whole thing was wonderful, happy and enlightening"
"Jophiel was pure gold, warmth, happiness, sunshine and uplifting of spirit. Magical!


"I will never forget the beauty and depth of my experiences".
"Once again many many thanks for your care and genuine support and love during the two days of the is truly uplifting to be with you and the group and I treasure the time in the workshops, having experienced some very clear images and sensations during the two days...the most significant of which was a silver and gold brilliant flash, like a lightening bolt as you laid you hand on my head in the second session with Archangel Deyvael."